A Contemporary Self-Portrait

The Aspen Institute (2013) and The Dallas Contemporary (2014)

The genre of self-portraiture is well known. The earliest self-portrait reaches back to 2350 BC. Artists look to themselves-they are an ever-present subject.

Of course, no objective portrait exists. The artist’s perception always colors his/her view of the subject, and the viewers’ perceptions color their interpretations.

With 3D imaging technology and use of my brain MRI scans, I tried to shift perception and create a self-portrait from a new perspective-inside out.

The MRIs provide an actual image of my brain. With the artistic process, I can create work that interprets what it feels like to be inside of my head.

This work is an immersive environment of two concave screens with projections of animated brain images presented as micro topologies-landscapes of my brain.

-Paula Crown