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Entitled I am FOR, the exhibition explores themes of environmental activism, racial taxonomy, and political factionalism. Works on display will include Crown’s ENtitleist, an enlarged, 3D-milled, alabaster golf ball, made imperfect through natural aberrations in 3D scanning and by the material’s irregular and fragile disposition. The foreboding sculpture recalls the act of blackballing, or casting a stone—a negative vote toward someone who moves against a political faction’s agenda—originating from the ancient Greek practice of voting with black and white seashells.

NOT, 2018 on display at For Freedoms HQ in NYC

Installation view of I am FOR at For Freedoms HQ in NYC, 2018

ENtitleist (alabaster), 2017

ENtitleist (suspended), 2018

Installation view ENtitleist (alabaster) and ENtitleist (1)  2018

ALPHABRAVO (white sky), 2018

detail ALPHABRAVO (white sky), 2017

ALPHABRAVO (night sky), 2017

NOT (mirror), 2018

Humble Hubris: Don’t know what you got (till its gone), 2013

kinematic.earth, 2018

Humble Hubris: Don’t know what you got (till its gone)(bench), 2018

Paula Crown and Hank Willis Thomas observe ENtitleist (1), 2018

Paula Crown, Hank Willis Thomas, Eric Gottesman, and the For Freedoms & Fort Gansevoort teams

ENtitleist (alabaster), 2018

Participant dropping a ball with message into I am FOR installation, 2018

I am FOR interactive installation, 2018

Paula Crown tosses the first black ball into the atrium at For Freedoms HQ in NYC