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Who: Paula Crown

What: Bearings Down, 2016, installation

Where: The Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas

When: April 7 to May 13, 2016

Bearings Down distills a landscape drawing that is magnified, rotated in space and crafted into a three-dimensional image etched on glass. This rigid plane serves as the top of the rectangular sculpture, which is a 3’ x 4’ x 3” box. The mirrored interior base projects varied optical perspectives and infinite reflections of a fictitious space.

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Kenny Goss, co-founder of The Goss-Michael Foundation, calls Crown’s exhibition “a striking visual experience. Impressive in scale, the individual works are slick and beautifully made, but behind the gloss lies a thoughtful commentary about how we find our way. It’s immersive and contemplative at the same time.”